”LamStan” attempts to bridge the opportunity divide.

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We Provide Education and career planning

LamStan is an organisation of young people, who share the same passion for assisting their fellow students from remotest part of world. Students of different grades are offered assistance to pursue their dreams in life.

Various students from Ladakh, due to incompetent facilities/opportunities in their own native area, find the necessity for moving to other cities to further their studies/career. Pursuing studies or hunting jobs in other cities opens a whole new can of worms. In their crusade, students often get trapped into dilemmas, such as, which college to study, which course to opt for, will engineering do the best for them or should they opt for commerce courses, and the list goes on for eternity.

In all these chaos, many students end up studying in wrong colleges/schools, or leaving the idea altogether and returning back to their respective homes.


Our Work

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The basic structure of www.lamstan.com is that this website will be forming a network of school, college students and professionals , who are not able to communicate and share their experience to other students and help them in their respective fields.Lamstan is a secular and social organisation which is operating in remote areas. We believe in providing guidance to every one ,irrespective of their faith, religion, caste and creed. Bridging the gap between traditional education and modern education to curb social evils and to cultivate a culture of helping and guiding beyond boundaries.Lamstan is a platform for those with true zeal of guiding, mentoring and sharing knowledge and feelings. A thought might have come in everybody’s mind to approach helpfull people , But the problem was a link to connect you to these people. Now Lamstan will serve as a bridge between you and these people, together shaping your dreams into reality. Basically through this website we will be creating a chain of dependence : E.g. Student in school will be guided by college student College students will be guided by those in professional line.

This website will be providing necessary details about various Schools in Delhi, Chandigarh, Jammu, etc. Along with that it will be providing necessary updates regarding various Engineering, Medical, Law etc.

What we do

LamStan operates in remote areas and provide guidance to students regarding their career goals

In this enigmatic world of ours, where survival means struggle of any sort, needs to be introduced in full frame (modes) in order to get a glimpse of various avenues (courses), compatible with our interests & satisfactory enough for a happier life.

We look to the future

Adolescent is an age group where we not only become carefree due to emotion upheaval but also susceptible to wrong decisions, which might change the whole complexion of our future life. It is in this light that careful & meticulous guidance needs to be provided in order to let them think, decide & adore their future course.

provide a very exclusive opportunity to seek advice from experienced professionals

Our training approach includes a mix of lectures, workshops, role play, site visits and social activities. Our aim is to bring up those who are outside the sphere of modern education system and career opportunities.

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Ph. 08800332445 (New- Delhi)
   08800332445 (Leh- Ladakh) 

Address: Choglamsar, Leh Ladakh-194101, Jammu & Kashmir.

E-mail: info.lamstan@gmail.com

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